The Buckley School utilizes technology to develop boys’ critical-thinking and problem-solving skills through project-based learning, while supporting and enhancing their work in various areas of the school. The necessary skills are taught in subject area classes and during specified computer periods. Each division has a dedicated computer teacher. The Lower School has a dedicated computer lab. In the Middle and Upper Schools, the boys use Chromebooks in a 1:1 setting. This encourages collaboration and provides easy access to all of a student’s work from any computer at home or while he is away. All computers have access to the Internet, which is carefully monitored. All I through IX homerooms, as well as the various science and computer labs, are equipped with interactive projection systems.

LOWER SCHOOL: Technology is used in the homeroom and the the newly redesigned Lower School Technology Lab to enhance the curriculum and for special projects throughout the Lower School. Formal computer Classes begin in Class I. Classes I and II and III boys work in the computer lab once a cycle in half groups for the entire year. The boys begin the year by learning about the different hardware components of a computer and how information passes through them. Next, the boys learn computer skills while working on projects that are integrated with the homeroom curriculum. They are introduced to word processing using the Google Docs, presentation and graphic editing software, Internet research, 3D CAD design, and coding.
MIDDLE SCHOOL: The objective of the Middle School computer curriculum is to provide the boys with a variety of tools, resources and ultimately competencies that will serve them throughout the remainder of their education and well beyond. This graduated and exploratory curriculum places an emphasis on using technology as follows: as a tool to support learning in the other curricular areas; as a resource to identify and bridge any computer-related knowledge gaps; and as a means to encourage and develop critical thinking. In essence, an emphasis is placed on stimulating and developing high-level thinking while building practical knowledge and abilities that will be useful to the boys in the different facets of their lives. To this end, in computer classes, boys study touch typing; continue to develop their proficiency at using computers on a local area network as well as “the cloud”; and learn to use a variety of related desktop and web-based applications for their work in different subject areas. They use word processing applications, spreadsheets, webpage editors, presentation software, multimedia tools and other educational software packages. An in depth tutorial on digital citizenship—acceptable use, copyright and plagiarism—precedes the use of the Internet for research and other coursework. Additionally, the boys learn the syntax, structure and applications of building websites via coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Class VI). Finally, the MakerLab facility offers the boys hands-on experience with some practical applications of science, technology, mathematics, and the engineering design process.

UPPER SCHOOL: In the Upper School, students continue to improve their coding and robotic skills, focusing on programming fundamentals and the basics of creating and controlling robots. A variety of physical computing resources are used, including microcomputers, such as Arduinos and Raspberry Pi boards, and 3D printers, used to make custom parts. Emphasis is put on the creative process and thinking about design when both coding and creating autonomous devices.

Meet Our Team
Ahsan Karim
Director of Technology; Technology Teacher

Christopher Byrne
Network Manager; Technology Teacher


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