Students use computers and related technologies to support and enhance their work in various areas of the school. Subject area teachers and computer teachers collaborate to develop uses of computer technology that support the curriculum and culture of the school. The necessary skills and attitudes are taught both in subject area classes and during specified computer periods. Each division has a dedicated computer teacher, and there are three computer labs available for instruction or use by faculty and students. In addition, computers are located in all classrooms, science labs and libraries. All computers are networked and connected to the Internet. Almost all classrooms throughout the building are equipped with SMART Boards.

Technology is used in the homeroom and in the Lower School Computer Lab to enhance the curriculum and for special projects throughout the Lower School. Beginning in Classes I and II, boys begin to work on the computer once a week and focus on the lessons already being taught in their homerooms. In Class III, boys have formal computer classes once a week in half classes for the whole school year. The boys begin the year by learning about the different hardware components of a computer and how information passes through them. Next, the boys continue to learn computer skills while working on projects that are integrated with the homeroom curriculum. They are introduced to word processing, presentation and graphic editing software. The Internet is used for research. In the course of completing their assignments, the boys are introduced to using computers on a local area network.

All Middle School boys meet for computer class once a week in the Middle School Computer Lab. Classes IV and V meet in half groups, while Class VI meets as a whole homeroom. The room and teacher are available for subject area classes during other periods. In computer classes, boys study touch typing, continue to develop their proficiency at using computers on a local area network and learn to use a variety of applications for their work in different subject areas. They use word processing applications, spreadsheets, web page editors, presentation software, multimedia tools and other educational software packages. In addition to using the Internet for research, boys build their own web pages and sites to publish work and share data on the school intranet.

Boys in the Upper School explore computer applications that allow them to develop communication skills emphasizing visual modes. Class VII boys create projects using Microsoft Excel, Adobe Illustrator and Flash. Class VIII boys create their own websites using Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Integrating the computer and science curricula, Illustrator and Flash are used in Class IX to teach game theory and illustrate principles of physics.



Meet Our Team
Ahsan Karim
Director of Technology; Technology Teacher

Christopher Byrne
Network Manager; Technology Teacher

Matthew Bachiochi
Technology Teacher

Holmes Onyekwere
Middle School Computer Teacher; Assistant Network Manager; Varsity Basketball Coach

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