The Buckley School Mission Statement

The goals of a Buckley education are that every boy learn fundamental skills, gain self-confidence through disciplined thought and action, develop personal integrity and respect for others, and discover the joy of learning and the satisfaction of pursuing excellence.
Welcome to Buckley! As a K-9 independent boys school in New York City, we recognize and appreciate the great responsibility we have in shaping the lives of tomorrow's leaders. With a tradition of excellence dating back over 100 years, we are fortunate to offer our students and families an environment where doing your best becomes the only way of doing things at all.

As proud as we are of this tradition, however, we are educators with a growth mindset, always striving to do the very best for our boys. Our teachers are innovators in the classroom and mentors in the hallway, our coaches are bastions of sportsmanship and proponents of healthy living, and our leaders are constantly looking forward, not resting on any past success. At Buckley, we aren't focused on the achievement of excellence; we are focused on the pursuit of it.

We are proud of our mission, particularly our focus on every boy. Yes, every boy will learn the fundamental skills and the academic habits needed for success in secondary school, but more important to us, every boy will also learn how to be a young man of sterling character, a young man who respects others and who puts his community before himself.

"The Buckley School - Redefining Strength"