The Hubball Building on East 74th Street was built in 1974 and has provided Buckley boys with a dedicated indoor athletic facility in the decades since.

The centerpiece of the building is our main gym, which houses our basketball program and serves as a full-school meeting place on special occasions. A professional scoreboard tracks the Upper School games, and four of the six basketball hoops are mechanically height adjustable to accommodate our age range of basketball players. In the spring, the baseball team uses the space for indoor practice, with lobster machines and ceiling-mounted nets for hitting practice. There is also a work-out mezzanine overlooking the main gym, which offers our older boys and those recovering from injury an opportunity to exercise under the watch and guidance of our athletic staff.

Two floors up, we have a gymnastics gym, which might be the most exciting space in the entire school. Ropes hang from the ceiling for climbing and swinging; soft mats cover the floor for jumping and tumbling; and boys learn fundamental gymnastics routines on the springboard floor, the vault, the pommel horse, the parrallel bars, the horizontal bar, the balance beam and the rings. Our strength training program in the Upper School uses this gym as well, making use of several treadmills and eliptical machines, as well as a full set of work-out equipment.

Another floor up, we have a wrestling gym with a soft floor and walls. While the space is home to our storied wrestling program, it is used for a variety of activities, beginning with our youngest boys who enjoy tumbling on (and occasionally sleeping on!) the soft floor. Our football and lacrosse programs also use the space for indoor practice, and you will often find a recreational game of jackpot or tag going on during raining days.

And finally, we have a covered rooftop gym, which houses everything from J.V. basketball practice to recreational floor hockey. With a fully staffed athletic department, our four gyms can be occupied at the same time, allowing boys to learn and compete in smaller groups.

In the fall and the spring, the boys ride buses to Randall's Island, which is a city-run athletic complex just over the East River. Buckley has called Randall's Island home for decades and makes full use of the many baseball, lacrosse, and soccer fields, as well as Icahn Stadium.