In 2016, we completed a three-year construction and renovation project that saw our campus expanded and every inch of our primary academic facilities enhanced. Our three buildings—the Walsh Building, the Arts & Sciences Building, and the Hubball Building—were designed with boys in mind and make an ideal place for them to learn and grow.
19 homerooms + 14 offices + 4 faculty work spaces + 4 gymnasiums
+ 3 libraries + 3 learning resources rooms + 3 science labs + 2 after-school rooms 2 language classrooms + 2 music rooms + 2 technology labs + 1 art studio + 1 auditorium and lunch room + 1 board room + 1 crafts shop
1 kitchen + 1 locker room + 1 math room
= HUNDREDS of happy, engaged, thriving Buckley boys
    • Architect's Rendering of the Arts & Sciences Building and the Walsh Building


In September of 2016, we finished a complete renovation of the Walsh Building, the School’s primary academic space. The largest renovation in school history, this three-summer project saw every inch of the building updated with state-of-the-art furnishings and technologies, as well as central cooling. With enlarged homerooms, customized teaching spaces for languages, technology and learning resources, two flexible and bright libraries, an acoustically engineered auditorium, and a beautiful new board room, the Walsh Building is an ideal space for boys to learn, grow, and pursue excellence.

In September of 2015, we opened the Arts & Sciences Building across the street from our main entrance. With the School's first new street address since the 1970's, this five-floor facility features: a Lower School music room, a crafts shop, a technology lab with two 3-D printers, a full-floor art studio with a beautiful outdoor terrace, two full-floor science labs with state-of-the-art equipment, and a full-floor music space with a clerestory ceiling and acoustic paneling.

The Hubball Building on East 74th Street houses the Beginners' classrooms, administrative offices, a locker room, a trainer's office, a fitness mezzanine, and four floors of gymnasiums, including a large basketball gym that hosts closing exercises and full school meetings, a gymnastics gym with rope swings and tumbling mats, a wrestling gym with a soft floor and walls, and a covered rooftop gym.