The objectives of the studio art program are to foster creative thinking, aesthetic discrimination and technical competence in students and to present art as a challenging and evocative means of intellectual and emotional expression. Exposure to varied media and the posing of broad problems stimulate visual thinking and encourage spontaneous exploration of imagination, perception and techniques. The program provides a foundation in the visual arts and includes drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, ceramics and printmaking.

As they work with a wide variety of media to produce two- and three-dimensional projects, students learn the basic techniques and fundamental concepts involved in creating both representational and abstract art.

Projects are designed to be appropriate to each boy’s level of development and to support his individuality. The curriculum is flexible and is enhanced by slide talks, discussions of art books and collaborative projects. The boys often draw and paint backdrops and posters for their plays, and the all-school Spring Exhibition shows examples of work by every boy.

Class size is small to afford each boy a high degree of individual instruction. Lower School studio art instruction begins in Class I.

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  • The Spring Exhibition

    The Spring Art Exhibition & Tea is another grand tradition at Buckley. For one afternoon every April, parents, teachers and students gather together to admire the arts and crafts projects the boys have completed. The School is transformed into an art gallery, and proud visitors marvel at paintings and pottery, wooden ships and bowls, mosaics, sculptures, self-portraits and 3D models. It is a sight to behold and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the boys' artistic endeavors.