Great teachers make great schools. At Buckley, our teachers have an average of 17 years of experience in the classroom and over 70% have advanced degrees. We value professional growth and encourage our teachers to focus on improving their craft annually through participation in conferences, observations, degree programs, leadership institutes, and multiple professional development days hosted by the School. With a faculty and staff of over 110 members, our boys receive incredible attention and support throughout their time at Buckley. Alumni often remark that their Buckley teachers were some of the best they experienced in over 20 years of schooling, and we are proud to continue that tradition of teaching excellence today.

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  • Aaron Brand

    • Class III Homeroom Teacher
    • Fun Fact #1: I was born in NYC. My mother was born in Colombia. My Grandmother in France. My Grandfather in Morocco. Between the four of us, we come from four different continents: North America, South America, Europe, and Africa respectively.
    • To me, teaching accumulates to much more than the sum of its parts. It is about having robust and engaging conversations that build community between teacher and student. At the heart of it, students should feel assured to take risks and challenge themselves daily knowing that it is the journey that matters, and not the destination. 
    • I was a Buckley Associate Teacher in the third and second grades for 3 years from 2016-2019.
    • For two years, I taught English in Medellín, Colombia, and I also picked up a good bit of Spanish there too.
    • I founded my own Kids Art Summer Program in June that takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We draw and engage with art and artifacts throughout history and from all over the world!
    • Fun Fact #2: I recently got engaged to my now fiancée at The Met!

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