Welcome to The Buckley School

Thank you for your interest in The Buckley School. We look forward to getting to know you and your family. 
For more than a century, The Buckley School has been a place where boys come to learn, grow, and develop. At Buckley we are dedicated to getting to know your son, and for you to get to know us, our educational philosophy, and our community. Buckley’s mission is to educate our boys so that they gain self-confidence, develop integrity, respect for others, and discover the joy of learning.

The Buckley School understands boys—how they learn, think, work, and relate to others. Warm and nurturing, Buckley’s dedicated faculty inspire their students from Beginners (kindergarten) through ninth grade to delve into a culturally rich and well-rounded education and to embark upon a lifelong pursuit of learning. At Buckley we understand that boys love to be challenged, and we take pride in our curriculum, designed to spark boys' curiosity, hone their critical thinking skills, and allow them to partake in everything our school has to offer. Buckley boys learn world languages, take center stage during performances, write for the literary magazine, sing in the Glee Club, become members of Science Olympiad, and play a variety of sports. Our focus is on both intellectual growth and social-emotional development, and we are committed to the exciting task of teaching to the “whole boy.”
Buckley's community is diverse and vibrant, emphasizing friendship, service, citizenship and leadership. We strive for all students and their families to experience a meaningful sense of belonging. We welcome and encourage family participation in school events and initiatives.

Please explore our website. The Admission process is a wonderful and exciting time for your family. As you embark on this journey, embrace the experience and enjoy it. We look forward to meeting you and your son and introducing you to Buckley!

Heidi Gore
Director of Admissions

    • Heidi Gore

      Director of Admissions


    • Petunia Chmiel

      Assistant Director of Admissions


    • Allison Gurman

      Admissions Associate and Assistant to Director of Lower School