Welcome! As a parent, I have experienced the admission process multiple times and appreciate the challenges involved as parents search to find the right match for their children. When my wife Allison and I visited elementary schools as prospective parents, we looked closely at what we believe is the core of any great school: its teaching faculty.

Talented teachers do many things well, some of which are not quantifiable. Having high standards and a growth mindset, pursuing excellence, caring deeply for each child, and engaging students by continuing to develop curriculum and pedagogy are attributes of a first-rate faculty. This is certainly the case here at Buckley where I support my colleagues in their professional growth and in their critical work with our students and parents.

In addition to exceptional teachers, what makes Buckley truly special is our focus on the development of the whole boy. With the goal that each of our boys will leave Buckley with a strong foundation and an appreciation of various subjects and activities before they are asked to specialize at higher levels of education, we expect boys to participate in all areas of school life, engaging the mind, body and spirit. On the academic front, boys study English, math, science, history and two foreign languages. We place great emphasis on communication skills and thus boys experience a healthy measure of writing and public speaking, which includes the Woodruff Public Speaking Contest for all members of Classes VII and VIII. Each year, boys also have classes in art and music, perform in a play on stage, sing in various concerts and play sports in the afternoon.

The moral development of the boys is also a chief concern. Each year our boys are exposed to programs that address such topics as decision-making, building relationships and accountability. In the Upper School, boys candidly discuss these and similar issues with me in our Values and Leadership courses. Daily interactions between boys and members of our community provide teachers and administrators with many “teachable moments”. The School's motto, Honor et Veritas, is revered in our community, and our boys hear often from us that truth is at the core of all strong relationships. Our expectation is that each boy will give his best, and we place great emphasis on kindness, diligence, respect for others, good manners, self-discipline, integrity and compassion.

Buckley is a truly unique school and, while proud of its traditions, continues to evolve as we prepare our boys for secondary school and their future endeavors in an ever-changing world of new opportunities and challenges. I encourage you to read on and learn more about our beloved school and community.


Gregory J. O'Melia

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