Great teachers make great schools. At Buckley, our teachers have an average of 17 years of experience in the classroom and over 70% have advanced degrees. We value professional growth and encourage our teachers to focus on improving their craft annually through participation in conferences, observations, degree programs, leadership institutes, and multiple professional development days hosted by the School. With a faculty and staff of over 110 members, our boys receive incredible attention and support throughout their time at Buckley. Alumni often remark that their Buckley teachers were some of the best they experienced in over 20 years of schooling, and we are proud to continue that tradition of teaching excellence today.

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  • Julie King

    Julie King

    • Director of Educational Technology, Computer Teacher
    • I have two sons in college - one studying architecture and the other studying computer science. They provide an abundance of inspiration.
    • I have a golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix named Harvey who loves making new puppy friends.
    • What I like best about using technology: how it opens doors to new ideas and communities.
    • Some favorite technology projects I've led with classes: Problem-solving and prototyping:  Students explored their campus to identify problems then worked together to design and prototype a solution.  One solution they designed was an extending tool for wheelchair-bound students to reach silverware in the school's dining hall. Digital Books: Students wrote, drew, and used claymation and LEGOs to create their own digital graphic novels. 
    • What I like best about teaching boys:  their curiosity and energy!

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